3 essential clothes to add to your wardrobe

There are certain trendy looks that will never go out of style. Check out these three essential pieces of clothing you should add to your wardrobe.

With the fall season in full swing, it’s time to start revamping your summer clothes in favor of pants, jackets and gloves. Mixing and matching a few key garments is key to creating the most stylish and comfortable fall outfits. Here are three must-have items you absolutely must add to your wardrobe.


Denim will never go out of style and the material is fantastic for staying comfortable when temperatures drop. That’s why your wardrobe should have a variety of denim clothes. Some essentials include a few pairs of blue jeans (in different washes), a few pairs of colored jeans, a denim jacket, and a more formal denim button-up shirt. These clothes offer you a plethora of all trendy and comfortable outfits. Plus, these looks are completely unisex and easy to dress up or dress down.

Quilted jacket

There are many “staple” garments associated with fall, especially for layering – flannels, sweaters, hoodies and quarter zips are all popular for fall. However, down jackets are perhaps the most stylish and functional outer layer to choose from, and they go great with any outfit!

Down jackets, as the name suggests, feature signature puff seams that protect you from cold and wind. However, oversized puffer jackets are also extremely trendy and capture the perfect streetwear look. You only need one quality quilted jacket to stay cool and comfortable this fall.


Boots are an essential aspect of any stylish fall outfit, and you have plenty of options to consider when shopping for the right pair. Sock boots, biker boots, cowboy boots, wellies, Chelsea boots, and knee highs are all great options for your fall wardrobe.

In addition, these fashionable shoes offer excellent protection against the cold and the elements. They also provide superior traction when the snow does eventually fall. Having the right pair of boots gives you a ton of versatility, as you can wear them for a nice dinner date or more casual. You can even incorporate boots to enjoy a fall hike without sacrificing style.

Adding these three garment essentials to your wardrobe will ensure your fall cuts are on-trend and comfortable. Remember to get creative with your own outfits and always wear what makes you feel your best.