8 Designer Labels Championing the Rise of Anti-Fitting Clothing in India

RIP skinny jeans. You will absolutely NOT miss it. Anti-fit clothing is here to stay. Spare me the twitching lips and rolling eyes. When have you ever been at peace wearing skinny jeans? The culprit: peer pressure and the supposed “cool”. While your age group has bid farewell to ventilation over the past decade, the generation before you has embraced the pleasures of unbridled mobility thanks to the abandonment of the one who will not be named. So here we are in full swing. And breathe.

If you, too, want to live, laugh and love, but also be at the top of your fashion game, just ditch them and go the anti-fit and comfortable route. The non-binding silhouettes mean improved efficiency and help you with everyday tasks while simultaneously minimizing any kind of discomfort. And the fact that they look fantastic from a purely aesthetic point of view doesn’t hurt either.

Keep an eye out for the following brands:

Urvashi Kaour

Urvashi Kaur is a seasoned player in this field. From neutral tones and gender-fluid options to anti-fit offerings, her label is the perfect amalgamation of minimalism served up on a diverse sartorial platter. Known for its tailoring, this one is the perfect option if your middle name is simple.

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Ek Katha

This piece from Ek Katha’s REimagined collection is an appropriate summer counterpart given its breathable construction and accommodating fit. Dusty blue is always a win, and the exaggerated sleeves add a lot of depth to this look.

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Basque’s Ensō kimono is a contemporary take on the Japanese kimono, the archetypal standard-bearer of zero-waste, anti-fit clothing in Asia. Lounging has never been so chic and comforting!

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Featured here is the Adam Jacket draped over the Dimple Drawstring Set. Brownie dots for texture and color palette. On my way to carry it while I rock my hammock in the middle of summer, on a remote island.

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Dhruv Kapoor

Dhruv Kapoor’s suave yet experimental design philosophy is clearly reflected in his collections, which demonstrate eccentricity and individualism. Their logo tees look awesome when paired with leggings, shorts, or even pants. Anything you’d expect from skinny jeans will do (in Black Panther’s voice: we don’t do that here).

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Āroka needs more hype. More traction and more appreciation given their print and silhouette choices. Their remarkably striking aesthetics are in line with their portable yet artistic offerings, making this investment worthy.

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This is what cottagecore dreams are made of. Buna’s Natura Tier Dress is hand printed with intricate embroidered details. I will probably dream of tulip fields and make strawberry jam while twirling around in this dress.

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A polished take on everyday attire, this piece from Perennials by Manan is the perfect outfit for heading out for brunch. Crafted in chambray linen, breathability is the star here, coupled with understated elegance. Pair it with a big toe and voila!

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