Best Clothing Sites for Tall Girls

Let’s look at some great stores to find your fit as a big girl!

Hello my great ladies! As most of you know, shopping for clothes can be tough. These super cute jeans are always three inches too short; these leggings are bunching up in the wrong places and this shirt is way too small. As a 5’11 female, I too have struggled to find places that sell good quality clothes for taller girls. After years of struggling, I decided to use my personal experience and outside research to compile a list of your big girl clothing needs. Read on to finally get that perfect fit!

Jeans: ASOS

Jeans were my personal nightmare throughout my childhood, with my jeans rarely covering my ankles the way I wanted them to. After finding ASOS, my jeans problems were no more. I got a super cute pair of baggy jeans that are perfect for any occasion. I could even roll them up, which I had never been able to do with any other jeans. ASOS offers a variety of fashionable high top jeans styles, all of which can be found with a simple search for “high top jeans” on their website. And hey, they have all kinds of pants too!

Tops: Difference

Have you ever found a super cute top, but it was too short or just didn’t fit? GAP has a range of tops designed specifically for plus-size women, from cozy flannels to basic tank tops, winter tops to summer shirts, and more. These tops ensure that you get more length and a better fit for your longer body shape, enhancing your outfits.

leggings: Offline Aerial

Leggings can be awkward, especially for a tall girl. You never know if they’ll be too short, too big/small, or just too bunched up. Fear not, Aerie Offline has leggings that are perfect for tall girls. Personally, I love high waisted leggings, which are often hard to find for tall people. Aerie Offline has leggings in different styles (like flare leggings) and colors to help you up your casual style. On sizing, be sure to select your size and “long”.

Dresses: banana republic Where ASOS

Banana Republic is known for its reliable and good quality clothing, which also applies to its clothing designs for big girls. With a wide variety of styles and colors, plus size women can choose what will make them look their best. However, Banana Republic can be a bit pricey, which is why ASOS is another more affordable option. As with their jeans, ASOS make sure to include fashionable styles, so all the big girls feel included in what they can wear.

Fashionable and good quality clothes for a taller woman are hard to find. However, the right search can lead to places even beyond those included in this list, places where the styles are right for you and your beautiful size. Armed with your knowledge of where to find big girl fashion, I hope you can get out there and rock that runway, girl!