Business Organization: Simple Ways to Organize Your Clothes |

Spring is finally here so let’s get ready, starting with the clothes!

Take out your spring and summer clothes and put away the fall and winter ones. Donate clothes that you didn’t wear, don’t like or that didn’t quite fit, as long as they are in good condition and clean. Have an open bin in a nearby cupboard just for donations. If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to keep an item, that in itself is a sign to let it go. Ask yourself, “Would I buy it now if I didn’t already own it?” It’s wonderful to wear only the clothes you love, that show off your unique style and make you feel fabulous!

There are several different methods for organizing clothes, so it can seem overwhelming. As a suggestion, hang as many tops, dress and casual pants, dresses and skirts as possible, grouping them by category. Hanging them up makes them easier to see and access and prevents most wrinkles. Arrange these garments on appropriate hangers and match them by category first, then by features (heavy, light, length, sleeve length, and special event garments), then by color, if desired. Jeans, leggings and shorts can be folded up and placed in hanging shelves or filed vertically in drawers. Using drawer storage boxes for socks and underwear and fabric bins for swimsuits and activewear makes it easy to navigate and enjoy your closet. Your personal preferences, habits, and the amount and type of space you have will strongly influence decisions about which organization methods and which products to use.

For fall and winter clothes, you can store them in large plastic bins with lids, placed on a high shelf, under the bed, or on shelves in a closet, attic, or basement. Add cedar blocks or dryer sheet to keep them fresh and label them for easy retrieval. Other storage options for hanging clothes are to use the rod from another closet, wardrobe, or freestanding clothes rack. If you have the space, you can keep all your clothes in your main closet and drawers, storing out-of-season ones on one side of the closet and in harder-to-reach drawers and shelves. So the question becomes, “How many clothes do I really need to feel good?” “. A fabulous solution to wardrobe problems is to have a capsule wardrobe – a collection of interchangeable pieces that you love that complement each other and can work for all seasons.

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