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Dutch shoe retailer Omoda has expanded to women’s and men’s clothing from over a hundred brands. COO Jan Baan wants to make a difference by surprising and inspiring customers: “The more complicated it is, the more unique we are. Degradation Omoda got into fashion because she noticed a gap betweenRead More →

Long-winded tasks like deep cleaning the oven and organizing the bathroom cabinet started to look more and more appealing as the lockdown lengthened. In fact, the combined feelings of restlessness and apathy might even cause you to consider emptying your wardrobe – and maybe making some money at the sameRead More →

Shopping for vintage clothes is a great way to spend a Saturday. But maybe you don’t have time to get out of the house and visit a thrift store. Maybe you’re stuck inside because it’s raining. There may be a global pandemic. Whatever obstacles stand in your way, there isRead More →