Daniel Arsham launches a new clothing line, Objects IV Life

For many artists, clothing is an extension of their canvas – not only because it is often splattered with paint or marred by clay, but like their art, it is another medium of visual communication. Launch today, Daniel Arsham has expanded her artistic practice to include a new clothing brand – Objects IV Life – a joint vision by New York-based contemporary artist and London-based brand developers Tomorrow.

Daniel Arsham works across the mediums of sculpture, drawing, architecture and film, producing works that intertwine recognizable figures with notions of decay and collapse, resulting from the trauma of finding his home in ruins after that Hurricane Andrew destroyed his Miami home when he was 12 years old. elements such as rock, ash and sand are brought into play, embellishing or surrounding the works and making them appear as buried or unearthed relics. This isn’t his first foray into fashion, having collaborated with Dior Homme for a Spring/Summer 2020 capsule collection steeped in references to Arsham’s signature eroding artistic processes.

Appointed Chapter 001, the first collection features unisex functional work jackets, hoodies, t-shirts and jeans in powder blue and off-white, as a softer approach to classic hard and utilitarian pieces. Returning to Arsham’s recurring themes of time and timelessness, as well as an increasingly urgent need for environmental consciousness, denim pieces and tote bags breathe new life into unused materials.

Elsewhere are utility boots that are modernized with exposed steel toes, keychains and baseball caps in colorways similar to the utility pieces. “Objects IV Life is the product of a meeting of minds and a shared ambition between Daniel and myself to establish a brand that has created premium workwear and accessories,” says Stefano Martinetto, CEO and co-founder of Tomorrow, “intended not for a single season, but for a lifetime.

IV Life Items Chapter 001 is available to order here.