Food, clothing, more resources available to help students maintain a balanced life

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Because college can be stressful, UH has many on-campus resources that benefit both residents and commuters.

This includes access to free food and clothing, as well as massages and games with dogs. Here is a breakdown of some useful programs offered by UH:

Cougar cabinet

Through Cougar cabinet, all registered students can receive up to 30 pounds of food each week, including basic foods as well as fruits and vegetables. You must fill out the required forms first before shopping but once done you will have access to a variety of foods.

Although their stock varies weekly, you can usually rely on them for staples like rice and canned foods, as well as microwave meals that only take five minutes to cook. They also have snacks and drinks, sometimes including milk and juice bottles.

Cougar Cupboard not only keeps you well nourished with food and recipes, but it also offers hygiene products like tampons, shower gel, and toothpaste.

Their main location is in the wellness area of ​​the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, but they recently added a new location in Farish Hall which is by appointment only, as well as an order form DoorDash for those who live within ten miles of campus.

Cougar Closet

Recently celebrating their grand reopening, Cougar Closet aims to help students facing clothing insecurity by allowing them to take home three items of clothing from their inventory free of charge.

The closet holds jeans, dresses, t-shirts, shoes and more. Unlike Cougar Cupboard, no registration is required to use this resource. Students simply present their Cougar card upon entry and complete a survey as “payment” upon departure.

Not only can students shop here, but they are also encouraged to donate unwanted clothes to help the closet continue to grow. The Cougar Closet is located in the Wellness Extension classroom and is only open on Fridays.

Mental health and well-being

The UH Wellness website hosts a variety of resources, including a wellness model which provides students with tips on how to stay mentally and physically healthy, as well as ways to become socially and culturally involved.

To help relieve students of some of their stress, wellness events are held every Wednesday and may include therapy dogs, massages, and different arts and crafts projects.

For those who want help on a mental level, counseling and psychology services run daily “Let’s Talk” sessions where you can briefly consult with a therapist. These walk-in sessions are both in-person and virtual and offer a brief consultation from which you will receive resources and suggestions tailored to your needs.

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