How do Gen Z like to dress?

Gen Z clothes are all the rage and some are scratching their heads in confusion over this new fashion. Every generation has a certain pizazz about them. The older generations had cool fashion trends, and then there were some not so cool trends. Some of these trends are confusing for older generations to understand.

How to tell if you’re a Gen Z

If you were born between 1995 and 2015, you are a Generation Z. Generation Z is the first generation to be fully digital and state-of-the-art. Most businesses these days cater to millennials. However, the fashion and beauty industries are focused on Gen Z.

Generation Z is no different. What exactly will Gen Z trends look like? Here are some of the Gen Z clothing trends.

Popular Generation Z Clothing Trends

Popular Generation Z Clothing Trends

Gen Z trends seem to feature a lot of sporting goods. The yoga pants are still there and the skinny jeans are out.

Previous generations couldn’t get enough of the skinny jeans trend, and now Generation Z is ready to move beyond skinny jeans.

Athleisure is one of the first fashion trends introduced by Gen Z. This includes yoga pants, sweatpants, high-end sneakers, and wide leg pants.

The basic principle of athleisure is the ability to go to the gym, the office or relax around the house with just one outfit. These outfits are functional and you are comfortable too.

This trend started on social media when Victoria’s Secret models helped support it. Healthy lifestyles are very popular and this generation of young people have quickly embraced this trend.

The second fashion trend that has been made popular by Gen Z is to wear non-sexist outfits. Gen Z don’t want their gender to define who they are.

Generation Z clothing

Generation Z clothing

Unisex tie-dye fashion is also on the rise. Many designers have jumped on this trend as well. Tie-dye has been around for years. One thing Gen Z started doing in their 40s was experimenting with it at home.

Now, college sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts and even college dresses are available in tie-dye. Designers are once again jumping on this trend as it becomes popular again.

Normcore is another trend that Gen Z clothing is embracing. Normcore is basically adding un-fashionable clothes to each other.

Ugly shirts with old-fashioned jeans. The goal is to be comfortable and not to spend a lot of money.

The fashion industry brought back the rock trend. The outfits consist of black leggings, leather shorts, slacks, plaid shirts, ripped fishnets, and dark makeup. It looks like a punk look.

Tiny sunglasses are all the rage among today’s younger generation. Older generations, like baby boomers, may find this trend familiar.

Say goodbye to skinny jeans

Say goodbye to skinny jeans

The early 2000s also brought many trends. It looks like Gen Z clothing is bringing that back. This trend of fun prints, pink, rhinestones and very garish accessories is back.

With the look of the early 2000s, here is the crop top. Many of them are tie-dye, yellow, or sage. These are a few distinctive colourways for the Gen Zers.

If you have a side part in your hairstyle, that’s not trendy in Gen Z eyes anymore either. The middle part is preferred for hairstyles. Plus, the more comfortable it is, the better it is with today’s Gen Zers.

It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like! Bucket hats are another fashion trend that Gen Z quickly adapted to. Crochet bucket hats are also gaining popularity.

It seems the Gen Zers prioritize comfort and convenience when it comes to their wardrobes. Gen Zers are usually on Zoom these days, so comfort is the best option for them.

Generation Z clothing is quite economical and likes fashion that is something and that is original. They want durable clothes. Fashion for this generation must be fluid and show its personality.

New Haute Couture

New Haute Couture

Even streetwear is haute couture for this generation. It has become a trend that is comfortable and modern. Generation Z wants to be beautiful, stylish and comfortable on the streets.

This generation wants to show that it is diverse and that it has a style like no other. They put aside gender, weight and break down the boundaries that were once the basis of fashion.

These guys and girls take risks with their fashion and develop their own style. They are not afraid of the result.

As long as they’re inspired and push the boundaries, they’ve been successful.

A Pew Research Center survey discussed how the Gen Zers had varied political views instead of generations such as Xs or the Baby Boomers.

A lot of today’s influencers are only high school age. Social media has been a great tool for this generation.

Generation Z has already seen many changes in their lives. They are witnessing the Great Recession, social justice events and fashion changes as well.

To sum up, Gen Z is quite different from every other generation we’ve seen so far. They take risks, they are colorful, they have style and they don’t care what people say about their fashion.

Social media

Social media

Instagram and social media like Tik Tok have made many stars of this generation simply based on their fashion choices. Generation Z is all about empowering everyone. There is no big shame, judgment and gender bias.

This generation is made up of very influential people, and they are fashionable to help solve the problems of today’s world. Meaningful phrase helps them get their point across, and a good word to describe this generation is eccentric.


People outside of Gen Z may be confused about fashion trends, but I hope this article helped shed some light. Stay tuned for new clothing trends to come and keep an eye on social media. This is the primary source to help predict what will be the next trend.

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