I’m A Fashion Expert – You’re Probably Making These Seven Dressing Mistakes – And One Of Them Is Making Your Butt Sag

WHEN it comes to looking stylish, it doesn’t matter what you wear, but how you wear it.

At least according to this fashion expert, who revealed some of the top mistakes people make with their clothes.


Correct pocket placement can make a huge differenceCredit: YouTube/Shea Whitney

Shea Whitney has revealed the seven mistakes that can make you look clumsy and just not as good as possible, but thankfully they’re all so easy to fix.

jeans pockets

It turns out that the placement of your jeans pockets can drastically change the way your butt looks.

Shea said: You really want to pay attention to that because it really makes a big difference.

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It turns out that the splayed pockets will make your butt look wide and saggy, while the closer pockets will frame your butt, making it look more perky.

jeans too long

This goes for all pants, but it’s most common with jeans.

Basically, when your jeans are too long, they ruin the whole outfit, and while you can always fold jeans to make them shorter, they don’t always look great.

Shea explained, “Some people like to roll up their jeans, but I think that cuts your legs and it’s not the most flattering look.”

Instead, make sure your jeans fall exactly at your ankle so they aren’t too short or too long.

Sleeve length

As with jeans, if your sleeves are too long or too short, it’s a huge sign that your outfit was poorly planned.

More than that, it can look sloppy and unprofessional, so always make sure your long sleeves don’t extend beyond your wrist, but aren’t too short either.

The fashion pro confessed that it’s easy to overlook the sleeves, especially when the rest of the outfit can fit perfectly.

But the right sleeve length can make all the difference, she says.

Know your proportions

Shea explained that a trick may work for one person, but will have the opposite effect on another.

For example, if you have short legs, tucking in your t-shirt will help lengthen them.

But if your legs are already long and you have a short torso, this trick can make you look out of proportion, and straightening out might look better.

The pro explained, “I love high-waisted jeans, but maybe for your body type, they might not be the best, so stick to your proportions.”

Think about your fabrics

Some fabrics will look better than others, the fashion star explained, showing off a fuzzy sweater that made her look taller than she actually is.

The textured sweater can work on smaller frames, but if your goal is to look small, it’s probably best to stick with smoother fabrics.

Consider your patterns

“Really big patterns are really easy to see,” Shea said, explaining that because the pattern is big, you’ll also look bigger.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to keep this in mind when dressing.

If you want to look slimmer, stick to smaller designs.

shirt buttons

“Don’t let your pimples come out,” Shea said.

Although people with smaller chests are less likely to have this problem, it can still happen to the best of us.

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Just make sure your shirts and blouses fit snugly so there is no stretching on the buttons.

Sizing is usually the only option unless you want to alter your shirts.

The right length jeans will instantly elevate your outfit


The right length jeans will instantly elevate your outfitCredit: YouTube/Shea Whitney
Remember your proportions when it comes to dressing


Remember your proportions when it comes to dressingCredit: YouTube/Shea Whitney
The right sleeve length can make a huge difference


The right sleeve length can make a huge differenceCredit: YouTube/Shea Whitney