I’m of average height and I’m obsessed with Tesco’s whole range of F&F clothing – here are the best buys right now

Struggling to find on-trend pieces without spending a fortune?

Luckily, a savvy mom has shared her latest mid-size haul – and fans are going wild for the bargain basics.


Samantha Pamela regularly shares fashion content with her 139,000 followersCredit: TikTok/@midsizesammy
One of Sam's favorite finds was a matching tracksuit set


One of Sam’s favorite finds was a matching tracksuit setCredit: TikTok/@midsizesammy
The sage green corduroy jacket was a hit with Samantha's followers


The sage green corduroy jacket was a hit with Samantha’s followersCredit: TikTok/@midsizesammy

Samantha Pamela, known online as @midisizesammy, regularly shares fashion content with her 139,000 followers.

In one of her latest videos, the content creator shares her Tesco F&F journey.

During the three-minute video, the bargain hunter is seen trying on leather leggings, a denim jacket, three jackets and a tracksuit set, all available in store at Tesco.

“Okay guys, we’ll start with the leather pants and see how they fit. This is a size 12.

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“Right off the bat, they’re lined with suede, which not only feels warm in the fall, but makes them so much easier to put on.

“Oh my god, they feel amazing. I’m so happy because I’ve been looking for leather pants for ages.

“Do they look good from behind? I am convinced that they do.

“They don’t have pockets. I like the pockets on my leggings, but I’m not going to complain about them.

“Wow, I love the panels here, but they don’t have pockets, because sometimes the pockets if you’re a hippy, it can come out and look a little weird, so I love that.

“They have the contour panels but without the pockets, it’s really, really smart.

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“I started with sage green, and I know I say that about everything, but I’m obsessed. How beautiful is it?

“Oh my god this is going to be perfect for fall. The length is perfect, the color. I don’t wear a lot of green so I love this color.

“I actually put my little [Doc Martens], my little piece of DM just to show you what I mean about how I would wear it. I love that.

“Okay, I have the blue and gray Downtown Los Angeles tracksuit. I love him so much.

“I’m not going to say obsessed because I say that all the time. Oh my god, how beautiful is it?

“It’s going to be a must for me too. Air Force, small pompom hat. This is probably one of the best tracksuits I have right now.

“Then we have the denim jacket. Love, love, love it. This is exactly what I wanted for the winter.

“I love it. It’s the perfect type of fit because again it’s not heavy but it’s not light.

“It’s just perfect for October, November when you go away and it’s not cold enough yet to wear a full coat. With a scarf and a beanie.

“Such a good dupe for a Levi’s jacket, which is a fraction of the price, let’s face it. Yeah, F&F you broke it with that.

“Okay, the last of the shirts. It was the one on sale for £12 and I think I’m just as obsessed with that, maybe not even more.

“How nice? And look how long it is. Oh my god, I love it.

“If you see one at Tesco, you have to get one.

“Then we have the little cropped leather button up jacket. I wouldn’t wear leather on leather, I would probably wear this with jeans, by the way, so matte leggings.

“But what is it beautiful? Yeah, I really like that. I feel like a real biker right now.

“I love the suede details, it just adds a bit more interest.

“I really like this alternative to a leather jacket.”

Fans loved the thrifty buyer’s journey, with the video garnering over 17,300 likes and 552,000 views.

In the comments, Samantha’s followers thanked her for sharing her findings, with one writing: Wow look amazing, really looks good on you.

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Another said: “I just ordered the tracksuit! I love the colors on you!!!”

Someone else added: “I bought the leather jacket today and that cute oversized khaki shirt. I love Tesco, might have to go back for those pants!”