Pride Month 2022: Clothing from TomboyX and Queerly Designs, plus accessories made by LGBTQ+ designers

Celebrating Pride Month is more than just adopting a rainbow print t-shirt or having limited edition rainbow items from popular brands. Pride month is about accepting love in all its forms.

Some businesses don’t need a special month of celebration, like those that celebrate being LGBTQ+ at all hours of the day. June is Pride Month and by supporting LGBT+ businesses you can celebrate the love. Check out our list of our favorite LGBT+ brands you should support:


Anywhere Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Navy | TOMBOYX

TomboyX originally started as an underwear company that bodies should feel comfortable in, regardless of size or where customers fit in the gender spectrum. The Anywhere Long Sleeve Tee is $24 and can be worn with jeans and a beanie for a comfy and effortless look. The long sleeve is made of cotton and polyester and can fit body sizes from XS to 6X.

The creator of Gaysian, who identifies as bisexual and Malaysian, creates pieces for LGBTQ+ Asians who are shameless themselves. Check out designs like “Queer, Asian, Proud”, “The Proud Gaysian”, and more.

ManyManyMoonsAgo is a brand belonging to the LGBTQ+ community that offers many styles of clothing, accessories and stickers. For $28.99, get the “Queerness is Infinite” shirt or check out the “BI BABE” long sleeve for $39.99.

PROTECT TRANS KIDS t-shirt |  MegEmikoArt

PROTECT TRANS KIDS t-shirt | MegEmikoArt

50% of proceeds are donated to the Marsha P Institute when you purchase the PROTECT TRANS KIDS T-Shirt for $29 from MegEmikoArt. Shop the entire collection to find different genders and sexualities that suit you.

Queerly Designs celebrates Pride Month year-round with their wide variety of LGBTQ+ shirts. The “Kiss More Girls” t-shirt is $24.99 and “Something LGBT Just Happened To Me” is $24.99. A portion of their profits are donated to local charities serving the LGBTQ+ population in Philadelphia.

For $18.90, check out GbeeStudios “The Future is Crystal Queer” t-shirt. This brand wanted to be the hidden voice of the LGBTQ+ community and wanted to make pride merch that wasn’t repetitive or generalized.

More LGBTQ+ owned clothing brands


Rainbow Pegs |  MadebyEvia

Rainbow Pegs | MadebyEvia

Jewelry can be cute and simple with MadeByEvia. The Rainbow Anklet is $12.19 or choose from one of their other anklet designs.

LovestuckPrints offers clothing and accessories designed for the LGTBQ+ community. Their “Heteronormativity is a cult” and “Super Gay” earrings for $18.18 are some of the popular items in the store

Braided Yarn LGBTQIA+ Rings |  craftsbydanashop

Braided Yarn LGBTQIA+ Rings | craftsbydanashop

The LGBTQIA+ Braided Yarn Rings from craftsbydanashop are $8.95 and are one of many items in the store to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Explore their entire collection to find handmade jewelry at an affordable price.

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