Stylish sun protection clothing for women and men

Summer sun exposure leads to conversations about the importance of sunscreen, but there’s another often overlooked protective measure you can take to protect your skin from the sun, and that’s choosing clothes specifically made for you. protect from ultraviolet rays.

Although sunlight has physical and mental health benefits, such as vital vitamin D production and increased serotonin, consuming too much of it can do more harm than good. But some types of clothing can absorb or block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that cause sun damage and skin cancer.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a fabric’s ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) reveals how much UV radiation it lets into your skin. So, for example, a UPF 50 fabric blocks 98% of the sun’s rays and only lets through 1/50 (2%). What differentiates this factor from SPF, which you’ll find on a bottle of sunscreen, is that SPF measures both UVA and UVB rays (the former being associated with skin aging and the latter with burns), while SPF only measures UVB.

Densely woven fabrics like wool, polyester, nylon, denim, and synthetic fibers offer the most protection, while lighter fabrics that are more loosely woven, like viscose or cotton, offer less.

Below we’ve rounded up 12 pieces of clothing that aren’t total eyesores. and offer a UPF rating of at least 30.

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Baleaf women’s jogging pants

These drawstring jogging pants are made of a UPF 50+ protective fabric that protects your legs from harmful UV rays. They’re great for lounging by the pool or hiking near ponds and rivers, as they’re also water-repellent, so water just runs off them. You can move comfortably with the built-in four-way stretch. And yes, they have pockets – five, to be exact. Get them in black, blue, dark gray or red and sizes XS to XXL.

Columbia Women’s Sandy River Cargo Shorts

A staple of any summer wardrobe are cargo shorts that go with almost anything. This pair from Columbia is breathable and made of UPF 30 Fabric. The shorts have a waistband and a partially elasticated waistband for maximum comfort. Get them in khaki or blue and sizes XS-3X.

Men’s Eddie Bauer Momentum Anorak

Come rain or shine, a lightweight anorak jacket is a real lifesaver. And on days when the weather is good and you plan on doing some errands – or just running in general – you need one that will protect you from the sun too. Eddie Bauer’s has a pullover style, is water repellent and has built-in UPF 50+ protection. It comes in neon yellow, grey, green, camo and burgundy. It is available in regular and large sizes from S to XXL.

Lululemon women’s zipped romper with a high neck

When the classic shirt and shorts combo just isn’t enough, a romper is a loose, flowy option you can keep cool in. The protective fabric of this Lululemon romper offers UPF 40+ protection, while wicking away perspiration and drying quickly. You can even store your small valuables in the two front pockets. It comes in green, magenta and black in sizes 0-14.

Men’s Willit Hoodie

This hoodie wicks moisture away from your skin and has UPF 50+ protection. You don’t have to worry about chafing either, as the seams are flat and there’s no collar tag to irritate your skin. It is available in 41 colors, including light blue, orange, gray, white and green. Sizes range from S to 3XL.

A wide-brimmed hat

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, two types of skin cancer account for 90% of all skin cancers, and they occur most often on the head and neck. A wide-brimmed hat like this that protects your face, head, and neck can help prevent sun damage. The brim is 3.7 to 3.9 inches and offers a UPF rating of 50+.

Men’s Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants

If you’re looking for perfectly packable pants to take with you on your next adventure, look no further. These lightweight, water-repellent pants have two-way stretch and UPF 50+ sunscreen. They fold down into a small size to fit in your carry-on or weekend bag. Get them in black, camouflage, brown, khaki, blue or gray. Large and regular numeric sizing options are available.

Columbia Fishing Shirt

Although it’s called a fishing shirt, you definitely don’t have to be fishing to wear this lightweight nylon shirt. It’s a great summer garment to have as you can wear it buttoned up or open with a tank top underneath. Mesh-lined vents will keep you cool while you’re outdoors. it offers UPF 50 protection in 38 colors, including white, peach, light blue, yellow, mint green, lavender and navy blue. Women’s sizes range from XS to 3X and men’s sizes range from XXS to 6X, with large options.

Men’s Prana Sol Defender Henley

For your next jog or lounging in the afternoon sun, this long sleeve shirt is a solid option. It has moisture wicking properties and UPF 30+ protection. It is available in blue, grey, green, red and in sizes XS to XXL.

Women’s Soothfeel Zip Hoodie

A simple, lightweight hoodie that also offers protection from the sun? Yes. With UPF 50+ protection, a hood to shade your neck and thumbholes to give your hands more coverage, this hoodie will become the one you wear often whether you use it for biking, jogging, walking or just to shop. It is available in 12 colors, including navy blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, and white. Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Women’s Lilly Pulitzer shift dress

Are you having a beach party soon? This colorful pineapple shift dress from Lilly Pulitzer should be your plus-one. Hardware offers UPF 50+ sun protection and it is lined inside. Sizes range from XXS to XXL.

Women’s Vuori Lux Harem Jumpsuit

This roomy jumpsuit is made with a soft, buttery stretch-knit fabric that wicks moisture and UPF 30+ sunscreen. The cuff of the leg sits just above the ankle for a more relaxed look. Get it in green, black or reddish brown in sizes XXS to XXL.