In these tough economic times, people are all looking for ways to save. You will need to stretch your money creatively to make ends meet, pay the bills, and still have money for clothes and other necessities. The online fashion industry has a big market. Online shopping for clothes, sunglassesRead More →

These clothing brands embody everything we love about Scandinavian fashion, with wardrobe staples and pieces with playful touches. Scandinavian women are known for their effortlessly cool style and it’s easy to inject some of that nonchalant aesthetic into your own wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for low-key t-shirts and sweaters forRead More →

Gen Z clothes are all the rage and some are scratching their heads in confusion over this new fashion. Every generation has a certain pizazz about them. The older generations had cool fashion trends, and then there were some not so cool trends. Some of these trends are confusing forRead More →

Vegan trends. A new decade is now closer than ever. Much has changed in many areas over the years and fashion trends are no exception. Ideas are constantly introduced, transformed and rejected. As a result, the way these ideas are creatively expressed changes over time. The way we choose toRead More →

It has been 10 years since the start of 2008. From cardigans to plaids to leggings, fashion has changed in many ways from the fashion of the day. The trends of 2008 have evolved, disappeared and remained in the merry-go-round of fashion. But what trends lasted a decade later? AndRead More →