Tesco stores in Edinburgh are offering 25% off clothing in time for the summer holidays

Even though it feels like we just had spring break, summer vacation is right around the corner and with that comes an influx of people trying to buy some nice clothes.

As many are looking to ditch sweatshirts and jeans for shorts and t-shirts, it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you have your hands full and can’t get out quickly.

Luckily, as many of us know, Tesco sells the F&F clothing line in-store. So when you’re doing your weekly shopping, it makes it a little easier to find clothes.

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But with shopping bills on the rise, the last thing you want is an even bigger bill at the end.

However, the supermarket giant is now offering 25% off all F&F branded clothing if you have a Clubcard.

The sale includes all clothing, shoes, accessories, underwear, school uniform and pajamas.

The sale is taking place at Tesco Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

Speaking to Facebook’s Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, a shopper spotted the discount on Edinburgh’s Costorphine site.

They said: “Tesco is hosting their wearable event with 25% off everything in F&F starts today until June 1.

“Includes existing sale, accessories, shoes, etc.

“Perfect time to buy all your holiday clothes and back to school clothes. All Tesco except pictures of Tesco Corstorphine in Edinburgh.”

In response, many were eager to hit the stores, with one saying, “They have a nice selection of clothes.”

Another sadly added: “Typique bought loads of clothes yesterday.”

A third commented: “Why are they doing this to me!!! Now I have to avoid Tesco.”

Have you spotted any Tesco deals? Let us know!