The best clothing stores for your age

If you’re in your mid-30s, you can skip a few sections, but we have to start with the teens among us. It’s hard being a teenager, especially these days. With the pressures of social media, ubiquitous trends, the political nature of Gen Z and the bangs of adolescence, it’s a tough time – shopping should no longer add stress to your plate. Tillys is the perfect one-stop-shop for tweens, high school freshmen and sophomores, and the cool (but laid-back) kids among us. Tillys has 246 stores in 33 states and an extensive online presence, making it accessible to almost anyone. With fair prices, fashionable clothing options, school essentials, accessories and more, Tillys is heaven for young teens looking to carve out their own style space.

Do you consider yourself a fan of all things hippie, natural and 1970s inspired? This oversized long beach t-shirt is perfect for you. Lover of all things “Stranger Things” and pop culture? Get a Hellfire Club t-shirt and channel your inner Eddie Munson. Looking to get what you pay for (because teenagers usually don’t have tonne money to spend on clothes)? The four shirts for $25 option is for you. Tillys has an overall laid back young teenage feel, so he may not have the look a high schooler is looking for. But if you’re 15 and browsing the shelves for the perfect look for the first day of 9th grade, Tillys is the place to be.