The best cooling clothes to keep you from overheating in summer 2022

Chart by KCM

High temperatures are no match for these breathable garments.

Going out confidently in a cute outfit is one of our favorite feelings…unless it’s summer. Between June and September, looking and feeling good is more complicated. Often we walk out feeling fabulous only to be greeted by a sticky wave of heat. And once that first drop of sweat runs down our spines and half-soaks a new shirt, we’re back in the comfort of the air conditioning.

And we’re guessing we’re not the only ones dealing with this endlessly frustrating roller coaster of emotions when it comes to dressing for the hot weather. Temperatures are rising around the world and many of us are experiencing heat waves right now, making it important to find ways to cool off when we have to leave the sweet safety of air conditioning to explore the world.

One of the ways to make sure your body doesn’t overheat in extremely hot weather is to wear clothes made from breathable fabrics. Most often, fabrics that allow air to flow freely through them are made of natural materials like cotton, silk or linen. They tend to draw heat away from your body rather than retain it like some synthetic fibers, helping your sweat evaporate and keeping you cool in the process (and decreasing the likelihood of sweat stains and marks).
From sexy silk pajamas that will keep you from sweating through your sheets, to crisp linen dresses that you can wear to a dinner party or a summer wedding, there are plenty of dress options that will have you feeling great. and looking cool during the extreme heat. If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe with pieces that wick away heat and don’t look like sportswear, shop some of our favorites.

Best Cooling Clothes

Magic Linen Royal Toscana Dress

royal tuscana linen dress

If anyone knows how to stay cool [under pressure] it’s Meghan Markle, so we suggest stealing her looks if you’re trying to do the same. With a high-low hemline and a flowy silhouette, this linen number is a must-have for those days when you can’t worry about wearing pants. markle donned this dress on a day out in Beverly Hills a while back, pairing it with a Sun hat. You could say that this dress obviously lives up to its royal name.

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Jenni Kayne slim-fit cotton T-shirt

jenni kayne slim cotton t-shirt

You can’t go wrong with a plain white t-shirt, no matter the weather. But if it’s going to be a summer staple, it has to be high quality or it won’t hold up to sweat and you’ll have to peel its uncomfortable fibers from your sticky body in the heat. This one from Jenni Kayne will last you for summers to come. And this is no ordinary plain white t-shirt, it’s slightly fitted and will show off your curves. The classic style will go with just about anything you already have in your wardrobe.

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Free Fly lightweight bamboo long sleeves

free fly bamboo shirt

Wearing long sleeves in the heat may seem counterproductive, but when the top is made from a super lightweight fabric like bamboo, it can actually keep you cooler. Bamboo fabric, also known as viscose, is super breathable and helps draw heat away from your body. Plus, the long sleeves will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which is how KCM editor Molly Simms plays it safe in the summer.

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Madewell Lightweight Spun Balloon Pant

madewell lightweight spun balloon pants

Chafing is quite possibly one of the worst parts of summer, which is why KCM Team Editor Katie P. prefers to wear pants over shorts. By opting for pants made of a gauzy, breathable material like this, your thighs won’t chafe painfully as you walk, but they also won’t leave you feeling sticky and sweaty like jeans or slacks would. .

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32 Degree Flyweight Woven Skort

32 degree skort

If we haven’t made it obvious enough yet, we at KCM, including Katie, have signed the tennis-inspired fashion trend. Cheeky skirts you can wear on and off the court are comfy and cute, but they also allow some airflow through your lower half on sweltering days. This skirt has a pair of built-in shorts underneath to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and chafing, and it has side pockets to hold your phone. The best part? It’s on sale for under $15 right now.

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Coolibar Koesta Blanket

patterned beige buttoned blanket

Cover-ups tend to be made from lightweight materials since you wear them at the beach or pool, but this one is fashionable enough for everyday wear. And no one will know it’s meant for the beach. It looks like a classic collared shirt, but it’s made from ultra-lightweight fabric with built-in UV protection to protect you from sunburn. Throw it on over linen pants or light, baggy jeans and you’ll instantly nail the coastal grandmother aesthetic.

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Scoop Parade Bralette

catwalk scoop bralette

Staying cool really starts with the clothes you wear closest to your body, like your bra and your underwear. We have all experienced breast sweatingso instead of opting for a padded bra that you’ll have to wring out at the end of the day, consider a lightweight bralette like this that will keep you and your chest feeling cool all day.

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Super Soft Cozy Earth Square Neck Tank Top

cozy earth tank top

When it’s too hot for any type of sleeve, a tank top is a saving grace. This one’s made from bamboo fabric that wicks away moisture and won’t streak sweat, and the straps are actually wide enough to hide your bra underneath, because the last thing anyone is looking for. One wants to wear on a particularly sweaty day is a strapless bra.

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Lunya Washable Silk Tank Top Set

lunya silk sleepwear set

We don’t all like to sleep naked, although it’s a way to stay cool under the sheets. If pajamas are your thing, opting for a silk set like this one from Lunya can help keep you from waking up sweaty in the middle of the night. Not only is silk super breathable, but it’s also sexy. Honestly, we’d wear this top alone on a date night.

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lululemon fast and free racing hat

fast and free lululemon hat

Keeping your hair away from your face is a must when the weather is hot, and sometimes adding a bit of shadow helps too. Opting for a hat on hot sunny days will not only protect your face and hide a bad hair day, but it will also prevent your scalp from burning. This one’s made from breathable fabric so you won’t get bogged down in sweat while you’re wearing it.

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Wacoal Keep Your Thigh Cool

wacoal thigh shaping shorts

Squeezing in shapewear is probably the last thing you want to think about when sweating in a storm, but what if a base layer could actually help keep you cool? These shorts are made from a buttery soft fabric that wicks sweat away from your lower half, ensuring you don’t get that dreaded boggy feeling down there.

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J. Straight dress buttoned at the back

J. crew linen dress

A simple and sweet shift dress will never go out of style. Not only is it a unique outfit, but because this one is made from linen, it’s easy and airy to wear. We love the button detailing on the back, which keeps the piece from looking too plain.

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