The Vermont Flannel Company – All American Clothing Co. Announces Committed Partnership to Manufacture Made-in-USA Apparel

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Barre, Vermont June 30, 2022 ( – Today, The Vermont Flannel Company and All American Clothing Co. announced a new partnership to support domestic apparel production in the United States. The strategic partnership, called USA Brands, will:

– Combine two of the country’s best-known blue jeans and flannel clothing brands

– To provide quality national clothing to consumers nationwide at reasonable prices

– Reinforce Vermont Flannel and All American Clothing’s commitment to American jobs and American craftsmanship

“Given Vermont Flannel’s heritage as a proponent of made in the USA, it makes so much sense for us to partner with All American Clothing as we continue to grow and expand nationally. said Mark Baker, founder of The Vermont Flannel Company. “We couldn’t imagine a better brand and company to partner with Vermont Flannel’s heritage, culture and values.”

BJ Nickol, the founder of All American Clothing, had a similar message.

“All American Clothing has always supported American manufacturing and American jobs, from the denim we buy to make our jeans to the boxes we ship them in. This is about trying to build a stronger American economy,” Nickol said. “And it fits so well with Vermont Flannel’s mission to keep manufacturing in America.”

The combined partnership will continue to operate from its base locations in Vermont and Ohio, employing team members across VT, OH, IN, KY and NC while supporting vendors across the United States.

“Our employees are excited to see the growth opportunities for themselves, as well as for American manufacturing,” said Joe Van Deman, CEO of USA Brands. “Both of these companies started with hard work, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to making a quality product here in the United States.”

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About the Vermont Flannel Company

The Vermont Flannel Company is on a mission to fill the world with comfort and provide the highest quality flannel apparel for everyone. We have remained committed to the Handcrafted USA movement since 1991.

About All American Clothing Company

The mission of All American Clothing Company is to support families and jobs in the United States by producing high quality clothing in the United States at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the United States, we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities.