Tips for buying and selling second-hand clothes online

Selling and buying second-hand fashion online creates great business opportunities, while offering more trendy and sustainable fashion choices. A good list is the basis of good purchases and good sales!

For sellers, putting in the time and effort to create engaging listings is well worth it and will reflect in your sales. Aune Aunapuu, CEO and Founder of Yaga, a pre-loved online fashion buying and selling platform, shares these tips for the perfect online listing that will not only increase your sales, but develop a base of satisfied buyers who will come back for more….

It’s all about pictures

Lighting: Make sure colors stay true to life by taking photos of to clean, items ironed in natural light, adjust brightness and tone before downloading.

Fund: Use a clean, uncluttered wall or door as a background to make your objects appear in the photo.

Display items optimally: Arrange items beautifully or have someone carry them to give shoppers a best idea of adjustment.

Show actual size: Detailed shots are helpful, but at least one photo should be full length.

Pictures are everything
Images are everything when selling your favorite clothes online.

The description of the ad is crucial

Details and keywords: Add item name (eg skirt/pants), size, condition (eg new/lightly used), brand name, color and other specs (eg fit oversized/extra soft material).

Precise information: Provide true and accurate information about the condition of the item, any flaws it may have, and whether branded items are genuine.

Good category: Choose a category that best matches the item.

Good price : Set a price lower than the original purchase price to create value for the buyer.

Buy and sell second hand fashion
Descriptions are crucial when it comes to listing your products
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Market your ad

Let your friends know: Create a story or social media post and let your friends know.

Share your ads: Share your ads on Facebook to buy and sell groups that best match your items.

Post a Instagram Story (IG): Make a video and design a story. If you tag @yaga_za, we might share it with our favorites on the official Yaga IG account.

Add your shop link to your Instagram/Facebook profile: You can add a clickable link to your IG profile under “Website” and on Facebook in your “About” section.

Buy and sell second hand fashion
Share your ad to generate interest
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