What 80s item of clothing do you miss wearing

Not that the trend is coming back, but think about which 80s piece of clothing do you really miss? It’s certainly different for men and women, but that’s what Mike and Carla’s Morning Show I wanted to know this morning!

For Carla Rea there wasn’t even a hesitation when she let it slip Z Cavaricci jeans! Believe it or not, you can still buy them… indeed, Z Cavaricci pants, the high-waisted, pleated and tapered pants popularized in the 80s, are coming back to celebrate their 30th anniversary! Carla was STOKED!

Now Mike O’Brian, who is a bit older, thought of those classic Nik Nik shirts he wore when he was on a date or just thought about going clubbing in the 70s! Made from pure polyester, there were never two shirts, so each shirt had its own individual design…so cool!

What did most listeners miss wearing? It was kind of funny that every call and every text was a little different from each other. One woman mentioned these patriotic red, white and blue striped bell bottoms… psst, even Mike had a pair at the time!

Acid wash jeans have been mentioned, shoulder pads have also made an appearance and the all-denim look is back! Oh, and the stirrup pants were also mentioned by a woman listening this morning… those pants that were great if you had long legs!

Whatever style you’re missing, don’t be afraid to bring it out again… get ready! Listen to this morning’s segment and see if it might jog your memory of what you miss wearing! Thanks for all the texts and all the calling is in the morning….that was a good flashback this morning!

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